Publications 2009

Listed on this page are journal articles on mental models in reasoning in 2009 supplied by individual researchers.

Byrne, R.M.J. & Johnson-Laird, P.N. (2009). ‘If’ and the problems of conditional reasoning. Trends in Cognitive Sciences. 13, 282-287

Egan, S., Garcia-Madruga, J. & Byrne, R.M.J. (2009). Indicative and counterfactual ‘only if’ conditionals. Acta Psychologica. 132, (3), p240-249

Espino, O., Santamaria, C. & Byrne, R.M.J. (2009). People think about what is true for conditionals, not what is false: Only true possibilities prime the comprehension of ‘if’.  Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 62, 1072-1078

Fangmeier, T., & Knauff, M. (2009). Neural Correlates of Acoustic Reasoning. Brain
Research, 1249, 181-190.

García-Madruga, J. A., Carriedo, N., Moreno-Ríos, S., Gutiérrez, F., & Schaeken, W. (2009). Unless Reasoning, Spanish Journal of Psychology, 11, 386-399

García-Madruga, J. A., Moreno-Rios, S., Quelhas, A. C., & Juhos, C. (2009). Reasoning with “Unless” Counterfactual Conditionals. Psicológica,   30, 217-243

Gauffroy, C., & Barrouillet, P. (2009). Heuristic and analytic processes in mental models for conditional: An integrative developmental theory. Developmental Review, 29, 249-282.

Johnson-Laird, P.N., Byrne, R.M.J., and Girotto, V. (2009). The mental model theory of conditionals. Topoi- An International Review of Philosophy, 28(1), 75-80.

Johnson-Laird, P.N., (2009). Deductive reasoning. WIREs Cognitive Science, 1, 8-17.

Khemlani, S., Johnson-Laird, P.N. (2009). Disjunctive illusory inferences and
how to eliminate them. Memory & Cognition, 37 (5), 615-623

Knauff, M. (2009). A Neuro-Cognitive Theory of Deductive Relational Reasoning with
Mental Models and Visual Images. Spatial Cognition and Computation, 9(2), 109-

Reverberi C, Rusconi PP, Paulesu E, Cherubini P (2009). Response demands and the recruitment of heuristic strategies in syllogistic reasoning. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, vol. 62, p. 513-530,  doi: 10.1080/17470210801995010

Rusconi PP, Riva P, Cherubini P, Montali L (2009). A graduate approach to credibility attribution in pain assessment. European Journal of Pain, vol. 13, doi: 10.1016/S1090-3801(09)60776-X

Vallesi A, Mapelli D, Cherubini P (2009). Neural correlates of inference-driven attention in perceptual and symbolic tasks: An Event-related Potential study. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, vol. 62, p. 1805-1831, doi: 10.1080/17470210802596783

Walsh, C., &  Johnson-Laird, P.N.,(2009). Changing your mind. Memory & Cognition, 37 (5), 624-631

The aim is for this list to be a complete and accurate one. If you believe it omits some relevant references or contains inaccuracies, please add the details in a post on this site.

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