Mental Models in Thinking and Reasoning

This blog contains  introductory information about mental models in human thinking and reasoning. It  features regular posts on recent discoveries about  models in human reasoning  – click the  ‘news’ link – as well as information on individuals currently carrying out research on mental models with links to their homepages, and bibliographies of  relevant publications listed by year, with links to where the articles can be accessed.

The Mental Models Website won a Psychological Science on the net award in 2000 for an outstanding contribution to psychology on the internet.

The blog originates from the Mental Models Website developed initially in 1998. It was previously hosted at:   where it had over 150,000 views  . It transferred to this site in August 2012 where it has had over 65,000 views (as at Feb 2016), with about 1000 views per month by about 350 visitors. It is maintained by Ruth Byrne.

The compilation of information for the mental model website pages was originally assisted by
Lisa Fitzgerald, Paul Deighan, Steven Fitzgerald,  Jenny Fitzgerald, Laura Deighan and Alicia Byrne Keane


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